About PatrOwl

Think like hackers

Use the same mindset (tools, tactics and procedures), monitor continuously all stacks of assets, prioritize efficicently the remediation of vulnerabilities and the suspicious activities.

Automation and Orchestration of Security Operations, Artificial Intelligence-enabled

Enable to continuously scan an organisation’s environment for any changes that might indicate a potential threat.

Scalable, Unified & Adaptable

Unique cockpit and rationalized use of best-of-breed/custom tools to support cyber-threat monitoring strategies and remediation workflows.

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The Features

PatrOwl is an advanced platform for orchestrating Security Operations like Penetration testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Code review, Compliance checks, Cyber-Threat Intelligence / Hunting and SOC & DFIR Operations.

Fully-Developped in Python (Django for the backend and Flask for the engines). It remains incredibly easy to customize all components. Asynchronous tasks and engine scalability are supported by RabbitMQ and Celery.

The Pitch